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میکروتوم /خرید میکروتوم/فروش میکروتوم /Roto – CUT 100

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میکروتوم /خرید میکروتوم/فروش میکروتوم /Roto – CUT 100

دستگاه میکروتوم روتاری دستی ساخت کمپانی Scilab کشور انگلستان

مدل : دستگاه میکروتوم روتاری دستی Roto – CUT 100


میکروتوم /خرید میکروتوم/فروش میکروتوم /Roto – CUT 100


دستگاه میکروتوم روتاری دستی ساخت کمپانی Scilab کشور انگلستان

مدل : دستگاه میکروتوم روتاری دستیRoto – CUT 100

خرید میکروتوم / فروش میکروتوم / میکروتوم دستی چیست / درباره میکروتوم



Model: ROTO-CUT 100

ROTO-CUT 100 Manual Microtome studied to optimize and make easier all cutting operations. It guarantees repetitiveness of results, comfort and easiness of use.

ROTO-CUT 100 is equipped with all operator and sample safety standards required by the medical field. All parts are realized with materials able to keep working and cleaning operations safer and quicker.

ROTO-CUT 100 supplied with standard sample-holder and disposable blade-holder; on request is available the universal sample-holder and/or the fixed knife holder.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the way and the position of control keys, the ROTO-CUT 100 distinguishes for precision and functionality, following the highest safety standards.

Equipped with bearings and low-maintenance guides, they assure the highest precision and section quality. Adjustable sample-holder on two axis with a 360° rotation. The blade-holder cutting angle can be adjusted according to operator’s needs. All SCILAB microtome versions are equipped with sample retraction during vertical stroke.

All operations are driven through intuitive and friendly buttons; changing from the trimming to sectioning is quick and easy; the blade-holder is equipped with a mechanical system that ensures the whole surface exhaustion of blade edge.

The blade-holder is equipped with a protection system against accidental shoves avoiding any risks for the operator. The system is enable also during the section setting: a friendly blade-removal system allows to remove safely the blade. The blade-holder can be easily blocked in high position allowing the sample introduction or its easy and safe removal


Low-maintenance bearings application and the balance system allow a fluent and continuous movement. The handwheel is equipped with an integrated and quick blocking system.

Instrument raw material and ergonomic design make easier waste removal. An extractable and practical tray allows the cutting waste collection and simplifies cleaning operations.

Each instrument part has been designed to help operation’s use. The external design, the handwheel and the control level position of the mechanical parts have been studied to assure the highest ergonomics.

The base and the adjustable bearings give to the instrument reliability and a steady base.

Structural features:
• Structure made of ABS that reduces cleaning and maintenance procedures
• Sample high technology mechanical feed system able to offer the highest cutting precision
• Sliding equipped with low-maintenance bearings allowing a linear and time-firm movement
• Handwheel balance special system that makes the rotative operation more fluent for a perfect cutting synchrony
• Handwheel blocking system for operator’s safety
• Disposable blade-holder with horizontal moving to exhaust the whole surface of the blade
• Standard sample-holder adjustable on 2 axis with sample rapid fixing system
• ۳۶۰° sample rotation
• Extractable tray for cutting waste collection
Technical specifications:

Sectioning thickness range: from 0.5 to 60 μm
Sections setting:

  • From 0.5 to 2 μm in increments of 0.5 μm
  • From 2 to 10 μm in increments of 1 μm
  • From 10 to 20 μm in increments of 2 μm
  • From 20 to 60 μm in increments of 5 μm
    Trimming thickness range: from 1 to 60 μm
    Slope step retraction: 100 μm
    Sample vertical stroke: 60 mm
    Sample horizontal stroke: 25 mm
    Sample orientation on X/Y axis: 8°
    Max sample size with standard sample-holder (H x L): 40 mm x 28 mm
    Max sample size with universal sample-holder (H x L): 55 mm x 40 mm
    Dimensions: 500 x 460 x 300 mm (W x D x H)
    Weight: 30 Kg
    Voltage: None
    Frequency: None
    Operating temperature range: from + 5 °C to + 40 °C
    Maximal humidity percentage: max 80%


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